The Story of Our Shirts

Quality Materials

You can't have a shirt without fabric. But not all fabrics are created equal. We believe our customers deserve the best, so we made sure to choose our vendors carefully. Here's the scoop on cotton:

 Carded Open End Cotton Cheap.  Burlap-like, scratchy fabric.  You don't want one of these.

Ring-Spun Cotton

Okay fabric. Contains impurities like soil and plant matter.
Combed & Ring-Spun Cotton Good quality. Impurities are combed out.  Clean and soft.  Good print surface.
Airlume Combed & Ring-Spun Cotton Best fabric. Even more impurities removed.  Only longer fibers used.  Super soft and smooth.

Our shirts are in the last two categories of cotton, sometimes mixed with polyester, to provide a silky smooth, completely non-scratchy experience. For additional info on the fabric mixtures, see our Cotton T-Shirt Guide.

Fair Labor Practices

Here at Caustic Commentary, we also believe everyone has a right to be treated fairly and with dignity. Yeah, we may poke fun at others with our products, but it's in the spirit of fun and doesn't change our belief that all people are important.

We decided to only do business with vendors that treat their people fairly. And guess what? We found a good one: Bella Canvas. They produce millions of garments in the US each year. They also produce their products in other countries, such as Nicaragua.

However, something that separates them from other vendors is their dedication to Fair Trade. They are anti-sweatshop, meaning they pay their people a fair wage and maintain good working conditions. They are also Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) certified, which is a tough accreditation to receive.  They were even awarded the highest-level certification possible: Platinum.


In addition to treating their people right, Bella Canvas is also very eco-friendly. Their facility in Los Angeles, California powers the sewing floor with solar energy from panels mounted on the roof. They provide electric car charging stations to encourage their employees to go green. And their sewing floor also creates almost no landfill, while some of their competitors are generating large amounts of waste daily.

Summing Up

Yeah, we made some choices that make our shirts cost a little more. But you're getting a little more. You can wear our shirts with pride because they:
  • Represent fair labor policies
  • Don't harm the environment
  • Are made from high-quality soft and smooth fabrics

We hope you enjoy our products, and will join us in supporting fair labor and eco-friendly practices!


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